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Vision Of The College

Since the law is the need of the society and as a regulator to regulate it, therefore, the law is social engineering also. Hence, the objective of the college is not only the prepare conscious competent members of the legal profession, though it remains its basic mandate, but the college is expected to advance and assimilate knowledge of law and legal profession in the context of national development. In other words the college shall endeavur to look law as an instrument of social change in human beings. To achieve the above target, the programme of court visit under the proper supervision of law teachers is also being organised to witness actual court proceedings and hear the arguments of various eminent lawyers before the judges. The students are provided with an opportunity to see the methods of keeping records of the cases, so that the students may learn a lot before leaving after completing their three years course of study and may be useful to society.

To solve the practical problems and to learn court procedures, apart from understanding depth of the relevant subject moot court is being arranged for the students and seminars on various current topics, legal aid camp and legal literacy campares also being organized by the institute, In these extra curricular activities, the participation of law students remained worth appreciable in the past. Not only this but to enlighten the knowledge on specific topics, subjects, the college also invite professionals, legal luminaries judges, jurists for delivering extension lectures for the benefit of students as well as staff members.