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President Message

In Our Constitution: We, the people of India, are determined to make it the greatest democracy, Now, to translate this promise into action we the citizens of this land, are expected to understand our rights as well as responsibilities and Rule of Law very clearly. A constant vigilance, willing tolerance of others point-of-view and opinions to maintain and express our unshakable faith for the basic principles and objectives enshrined in our constitution, can lead us to taste the nectar churned out of a vibrant progressive and ever growing (Democracy) government of the people, by the people and for the people. Thenceforth only all Indians will realize the true meaning and real value of Justice, Equality, Fraternity and Secularism adopted by us all.

Our mentor Maharshi Swami Dayanand Saraswati's noble mission of spreading light of knowledge in society inspired and guides us to strive ceaselessly to help in making responsible and responsive citizens by providing sound education, As a token of homage to the great soul we have ventured to add one more educational institution - the Maharshi Dayanand Law College - in our chain, We hope that it will help a great deal in creating general awareness about Law and provide ample opportunities to prepare legal luminaries for our Judiciary and the Bar

We hope for your co-operation and goodwill.

With best wishes to all,
Shri Bhagwan
Managing Committee