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Director Message

In our land the eternal glory of Law & Justice and its importance for a civil society has been emphasized since the Vedic ages. The other civilizations too, recognized it as they developed.

The Law keeps awake whilst all the people are fast asleep. The wise people, therefore, look upon the law alone as Dharma or Right, He alone is fit to administer Law - which is another name for justice - who is pure at heart and is wise, is assisted by good persons of knowledge and virtues.

And, with that single purpose and aim to help preparing such persons, the M.D. Law P.G. College, like a light house radiating rays of legal awareness for all & sundry, was established. I am happy to see it doing fine in this field, my congratulations to all of them who co-operate in this venture and get education in the institution.

With best wishes
Dr. Madan Gopal
Managing Committee