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A Word From President

In Our Constitution: We, the people of India, are determined to make it the greatest democracy, Now, to translate this promise into action we the citizens of this land, are expected to understand our rights as well as responsibilities and Rule of Law very clearly. A constant vigilance, willing tolerance of others point-of-view and opinions to maintain and express our unshakable faith for the basic principles and objectives enshrined in our constitution,

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A Word From Director

In our land the eternal glory of Law & Justice and its importance for a civil society has been emphasized since the Vedic ages. The other civilizations too, recognized it as they developed.Great is the power & majesty of the Law. The Law alone is the real king, the dispenser of justice, the disciplinarian, the surety for the people's peace, prosperity and welfare.

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A Word From Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you in this Law College, It is needless to mention that to become a good citizen, we must be law abiding citizen. Moreover, as you know, ignorance of law is no excuse, therefore, it becomes our primary duty to know law of the land, and to know the various rights, fundamental duties and our responsibilities Thus, to learn law is essential for one's life.

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